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  Eye Health Exams

  Our patients receive a comprehensive eye examination which includes
    - Inspection and evaluation of the interior and exterior of the eyes.
    - Tests of peripheral vision, color vision and depth perception.
    - Screening for glaucoma, cataracts and other eye dieseases.
    - A complete review of your health history as it might relate to your vision.
    - A refraction examination using the most modern vision equipment to
      give you the best possible Prescription to correct your vision.

  Contact Lenses

  Our long history of success in fitting Contact Lenses is founded upon a 4 step
  process :
    - Every candidate for contact lenses is carefully evaluated to determine the
       type of contact lens that best meets their vision situation and lifestyle needs.
    - With specialized equipment, the patient's eyes are precisely measured to develop
      a personal contact lens Prescription with the goal of assuring a comfortable
      fit and good vision.
    - The patient is thoroughly trained in the use and care for their lenses.
    - With periodic follow-up evaluation, the patient's eye health and vision
      satisfaction are carefully monitored to ensure long term success.
  If you have any questions about whether contacts might be suitable for you, please
  call (863)676-2020 and ask to speak with one of our contact lens specialists. We will
  be pleased to answer all your questions.

  Office Hours and Emergencies

    - Monday-Friday 8:00am to 5:00pm,
      Saturday and Evening appointments are available.
    - Eye health problems and contact lens difficulties of an urgent nature
      can be dealt with by calling the office for a same day emergency appointment.

  Payment & Insurance

  Payment for office visits is expected at the time of service, by cash, check or
  major credit card.
  We are pleased to accept Medicare, Medicaid and most major private insurance plans.
  Please call us to determine how your insurance benefits will help with your vision needs.